Hitran named supplier of the year for 2010

  • At a recent supplier day event, Hitran was recognized with a coveted Supplier Recognition Award by a very prestigious OEM. The award represented our customer's recognition of the complete team effort and manufacturing quality at Hitran. Our engineering, manufacturing and sales support allowed them to have a very successful market entry with a major new product in the alternative energy market.




Drive Isolation Transformers



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Hitran's DIT Series Drive Isolation Transformers are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of SCR motor drive applications. These units provide maximum isolation to components of drive systems and reduce line pollution feedback from SCR firing circuits. The 3 Phase DIT delta-wye configuration meets NEC requirements for full capacity secondary neutrals that are isolated from primary distribution systems and available for grounding. Construction is energy efficient yet rugged enough to withstand the severe electrical and mechanical conditions associated with motor drives. The KVA ratings available in the DIT Series are standard NEMA ratings which cover a wide range of DC motor sizes from 5 to 1000 horsepower. The advantages offered by these transformers include: better regulation, greater efficiency and overload capacity, lower losses and energy consumption.



  • DIT Series: Dry Type
    Single Phase / Three Phase
    Three Phase UL Listed 12-550 KVA
  • RELIABLE - UL listed 220°C Class H insulation for 150°C rise over 40° ambient, resists degradation due to thermal cycling, moisture and other corrosive elements.


  • QUIET - Precision core assemblies of high quality grain oriented silicon steel and coil configurations, isolated from the case to minimize vibration and noise.


  • VERSATILE - Full capacity secondary neutral brought out to a termination and convenient 2-5 percent primary taps, 1-FCAN and 1- FCBN accommodates installation requirements.


  • COOL - Duct coil construction and natural-draft ventilation, provided by full width air-recirculation vents at top of case with rodent proof expanded steel at bottom, assure maximum cooling.


  • DURABLE - Standard NEMA 1 enclosures of heavy gauge phosphatized steel and reinforced for extra strength, with an attractive, long lasting enamel finish.
  • Special voltage and/or 50Hz configurations available
  • Lower temperature rise, UL recognized insulation systems
  • Weather shields for outdoor or severe environmental conditions
  • Thermal guards available n.o. or n.c., protect transformer from
    over-heating conditions due to excessive loads
  • Wall mounting brackets for sizes through 93 KVA
  • Open frame construction to meet cost and/or custom installation needs