Hitran named supplier of the year for 2010

  • At a recent supplier day event, Hitran was recognized with a coveted Supplier Recognition Award by a very prestigious OEM. The award represented our customer's recognition of the complete team effort and manufacturing quality at Hitran. Our engineering, manufacturing and sales support allowed them to have a very successful market entry with a major new product in the alternative energy market.




Engineering Capabilities


HITRAN Corporation's success over the years is directly related to our ability to provide our customers with engineered solutions. Our engineering team works with the latest technologies in order to provide a fast turnaround from specification to completed design.


Hitran engineers work with specialized software to verify designs. We possess a library of over 10,000 designs which can be accessed to enhance our ability to work with your custom requirements.


Whether it is prototypes, thermal modeling, harmonic assessment, retrofitting, utilizing multipulse techniques for harmonic reduction, working with tight physical dimensional requirements or any other unusual magnetic application, our engineers will work to develop the best solution and provide the most cost efficient design available. Our engineers possess the experience and technical expertise to excel in the design of transformer and related magnetic products for virtually any special application.


Our engineers have developed products for the following applications:


Standard Transformers

  • General purpose,
  • Drive isolation
  • All purpose auto
  • Motor starting auto
  • High voltage distribution

Specialty Inductors

  • AC and DC
  • Iron core and air core
  • Linear and swinging
  • AC current limiting reactors
  • AC power factor correcting reactors
  • DC filter chokes
  • AM modulation reactor


Specialty Saturable Reactors

  • Low voltage
  • High voltage to 15 kV


Specialty Transformers

  • Convection, forced air
  • Dry type
  • Low voltage
  • High voltage to 25 kV
  • High current to 10 kA
  • High frequency to 10 kHz
  • Low temperature rise, high efficiency
  • Ferroresonant, conventional constant
    voltage, harmonic neutralized
  • High isolation to 0.001 pF
  • Low capacitance, electrostatic-shielded
  • Rectifier/filament transformers
  • High reactance, short circuit limited
  • Modulation (output) transformers to 50kW
  • Sizes to 6000 kVA