Hitran named supplier of the year for 2010

  • At a recent supplier day event, Hitran was recognized with a coveted Supplier Recognition Award by a very prestigious OEM. The award represented our customer's recognition of the complete team effort and manufacturing quality at Hitran. Our engineering, manufacturing and sales support allowed them to have a very successful market entry with a major new product in the alternative energy market.








Custom Magentics

Custom magnetics are products designed and manufactured to a specific requirement. These magnetic components typically become part of an electrical system or are integrated into a piece of original equipment.read more


Rectifier Transformers

Hitran manufactures a varied line of transformers specifically designed for the rigors associated with Power Semiconductor converter loads. These transformers are uniquely designed to handle the unusual load conditions that often exist in these applications. A common use for these transformers is with multi-pulse variable speed motor drives. Isolation and Auto-transformer configurations are available for both 600V class and medium voltage class applications.

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High Voltage Distribution Transformer

2.5 KV-15KV class to 600V class transformation and isolation Use for in-house applications, industrial, commercial, or institutional All units designed and built in full compliance with NEMA and ANSI requirements. Safe, quiet, reliable. Sizes: 45KVA through 5000KVA. Designed,manufactured and serviced with over 55 years experience in standard and specialty transformers

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Drive Isolation Transformer

Hitran's DIT Series Drive Isolation Transformers are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of SCR motor drive applications. These units provide maximum isolation to components of drive systems and reduce line pollution feedback from SCR firing circuits. The 3 Phase DIT delta-wye configuration meets NEC requirements for full capacity secondary neutrals that are isolated from primary distribution systems and available for grounding.Overall, construction is energy efficient yet rugged enough to withstand the severe electrical and mechanical conditions associated with motor drives. The KVA ratings available in the DIT Series are standard NEMA ratings which cover a wide range of DC motor sizes from 5 to 1000 horsepower.The advantages offered by these transformers include: better regulation,greater efficiency and overload capacity, lower losses and energy consumption.

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General Purpose Transformer

Hitran's GPT series transformers are designed to match available utility voltage with equipment of a different input voltage. They are isolation transformers which are air convection cooled. The GPT series transformers are noted for safe performance proven applications such as light ing, electric heating and industrial mos. Standard sizes are from 3 KVA to 1000 KVA.

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All Purpose Auto Transformer

Hitran Corporation manufactures and markets the APAT Series for a wide variety of applications that require a standard three phase voltage transformation. The APAT is designed as a highly efficient, cost effective (typically 60 percent the cost of an equivalent isolation unit) alternative to the General Purpose Isolation and Drive Isolation Transformers. The APAT's primary function is to match an available utility voltage with equipment of a different input voltage.

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Line Reactors

Hitran's standard line reactors are designed to minmize the problems associated with wave-form distribution that occurs with equipment utilizing solid state switching devices. Line reactors are used to reduce harmonics, reduce motor noise and temperature, improve power factor, filter power line irregularities and reduce surge currents. Standard sizes to 750 amps.

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Motor Starting Auto Transformers

Hitran's MSAT Series is recommended for AC motor applications that require reduced voltage starting. The MSAT's primary function is to limit inrush current and starting torque in AC motors under starting or locked rotor conditions. Motor Starting Auto Transformers are designed to meet NEMA ICS2-214 medium duty service. Standard sizes are to 900 HP.

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Standard Enclosures

All Hitran products can be supplied in a variety of enclosure types and sizes. Some products come standard in an enclosure. The most common enclosure types, NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R are usually available in stock in a range of sizes that will generally meet most requirements. Hitran can also supply other NEMA enclosure types that will satisfy more demanding application problems. All enclosures can be custom designed to fit specific requirements and they can be protected with a variety of finish types and colors.

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