Hitran named supplier of the year for 2010

  • At a recent supplier day event, Hitran was recognized with a coveted Supplier Recognition Award by a very prestigious OEM. The award represented our customer's recognition of the complete team effort and manufacturing quality at Hitran. Our engineering, manufacturing and sales support allowed them to have a very successful market entry with a major new product in the alternative energy market.




Quality/ Test Capabilities


Hitran Corporation has long been recognized for its quality products and services. With our commitment to excellence and Continuous Improvement, we build value and more importantly quality and reliability into every product we design and manufacture.


All of our products are subject to in-process as well as a final quality test and inspection. The test and inspection plans are designed to meet either industry standards or our customers specific requirements. In addition to production testing, HITRAN provides qualification testing such as BIL, temperature rise and transient voltage analysis to insure designs meet industry and/or customer requirements. Our products can be designed to meet ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, UL and CUL standards. Test documentation is available for each unit we build.


To demonstrate our commitment to quality and service, a customer feedback card accompanies each order shipped. We encourage your comments and suggestions for improvement. Our standard warranty guarantees your complete satisfaction.


Hitran offers superior quality and flexibility in a full range of standard and custom/specialty products. Our technical support staff and quality team is available to address your concerns or answer questions via phone, fax or e-mail. At HITRAN, we are committed to ensuring that each product delivered will meet your expectations.